Why you should choose us?

BitDesk offers a range of services from resource integration, market development, financing docking, and technology introduction to provide support towards entrepreneurs. With its immersive experience in the blockchain industry, long-established marketing communication record, and international resource advantage. It has facilitated the rapid development and growth of innovative project.


Brand positioning

Provide business model and brand strategy and positioning consulting services targeted towards a rapid development 

Project breakout

global media resources setup, vast brand exposure 

 Public opinion management

monitoring and management of wide network of public opinion.

International Roadshow

One-stop project roadshow services worldwide, including theme planning, implementation, resource cooperation and dissemination

Event Operation

Project Implementation

World Class Resources

Best resources of the upstream and downstream blockchain industry will build a “blockchain service ecosystem” for entrepreneurs and investors.

Effective Strategy

Collaborative brand positioning, media relations and community growth. Develop an integrated marketing communication plan to reach the target audience accurately

Global Collaboration

Maintain long-term close relationships with diversified business partners around the world and integrate global perspectives with local experience to leverage global resources to meet local needs.

Professional Services

The team consists of public relations from blockchain and traditional industry, as well as media industry veterans with a comprehensive and in-depth blockchain industry awareness and rich marketing communication experience.

Brand development

Customization of industry summit, brands development according to customer needs

Project execution

enrich experience and support of industry summit projects locally and internationally.

Resource docking

attract industry big players, investors, and other possible resources.

Help blockchain entrepreneurs' projects to connect local market resources in major cities around the world, Inclusive of investment and financing, cross-industry cooperation, technology integration, product localization and promote, etc. to help project parties quickly implement and grow in various markets across the country.

About Us

BitDesk committed to bringing innovative technology to the market, across integrated marketing, communications, Public & Media relations, creative campaigns, community management services, aiming to build the new internet of value: Blockchain. 
Relying on rich resources such as blockchain alliances, associations, global media partners and industry leaders; active user communities and domain expertise with diverse backgrounds in marketing, media and finance. Through our skills, industry knowledge and influence to help our partners achieve ambitious business objectives in Blockchain world. 
Our main business includes but not limited to: 
1.Timely and comprehensive market information 
2.Collaborative branding and marketing for Blockchain projects
3.Community management
4.Media relations
5.Fundraising support
6.Industrial summit and concept development along with event operation






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