9 平面设计 Mistakes to Avoid, According to the Experts


Here’s the thing about design: it’s either good or it's meh.

基本上, 它要么抓住了你的观众的注意力,要么它无法保持比短暂一瞥更长的时间. 然而,作为一名营销人员,当你需要创建设计时,你会遇到几个例子. 在这里,你需要注意创造清晰、整洁、有吸引力的设计.

To help you improve your 2020 graphic design strategy, mg游戏大厅联系了专业设计师,整理出了一份清单,列出了你今年需要避免的糟糕设计错误.


Ready to create visually stunning designs that wow your audience? Let's discuss the exact things you should be avoiding and how to remedy them! 

1. 可怜的字距调整 

First on this list of design pitfalls to avoid is 可怜的字距调整. Patrick Soutar,设计主管 吸毒成瘾者 notes: “Simply put, kerning is the spacing between the letters in your writing." 

请看下面的图片. Can you see the difference in the design with and without kerning? 



The text looks visually more appealing after kerning, doesn’t it?


尽管这听起来很简单, 可怜的字距调整 can ruin the overall impression that you want to make with your design. Your written words may look completely unreadable or confusing or in some cases, 它甚至可以是滑稽的. Pay close attention to kerning if you want your design to be visually balanced.”


  • Make sure you add equally perceived space between letters
  • 斜视或斗视,这样你就可以看到字母之间的空间,而不会被字符分心
  • Pay equal attention to spacing between words, not just spacing between letters 

2. 思考“desktop-first”

Rebecca Bowen, Digital 设计er 三叉戟 emphasizes, “Thinking desktop-first is a huge mistake. (而不是,] think mobile-first for all content you are designing; it's how people are consuming things.”

A Comscore的报告 highlights mobile devices take up 70% of the time spent on digital media. Considering this stat, doesn’t it make sense to design with mobile users in mind?

鲍恩认为, “让事情变得简单, 想象某人在一个小屏幕上观看,确保你的设计适合这个尺寸. 找出重要的内容,确保你的听众对这些内容采取行动.”


  • 设计 multiple graphics to test how they look on different sized portable devices
  • Stick with small file sizes so graphics load faster on mobile devices
  • 为您的图形创建横向和纵向布局,这样您的设计适合任何屏幕方向用户查看您的设计

3. 缺少空白 

Lack of 空格 is another design flaw to avoid in 2020, Daniela Verduga说, 设计师 Visme. Verduga股票, 对于非设计师或客户来说,过度设计或试图填满每个空间都是常见的错误.”

然而, 增加空白可以节省设计, 使他们可以理解, 视觉上吸引人, 和整齐. 从本质上讲, 空格, also known as negative space, is the clear space in design. It doesn’t mean empty space with a white background. 相反,空白是任何颜色、背景图像、图案和纹理的所有未标记的空间.

它不仅使你的设计优雅, but it also puts emphasis on certain design elements such as your call-to-action, 是什么让你的信息脱颖而出. 研究也证实留白可以 提高理解能力20%.

例如, 请注意,空格的使用是如何使第二段中的文本比下面第一段中的文本更具可读性的:




“将留白作为设计元素,与字体或颜色一样重要. 不要害怕使用它! 你可以看到设计是如何达到一个全新的水平——影响更强,信息更清晰!”


  • 在设计中留出大面积空白
  • Add padding or margins to each element in your design
  • Create white space by removing unnecessary design elements like borders

4. 设计时不考虑趋势

Although it isn’t wise to jump onto every trend bandwagon, it is crucial to pay attention to what’s prevailing so you can “avoid the mundane,” as 绪的 图形设计师,哈里特·罗斯科建议.


“关注2020年平面设计的新趋势尤为重要,因为社交媒体内容和网页设计的世界比以往任何时候都更有竞争力。. 具有创新和多样化的色彩,排版风格和插图概念是关键.”



  • Vibrant color schemes, a stark contrast to the pastels that prevailed last year 
  • 给人一种未来主义感觉的薄几何体 
  • 极简主义的趋势

5. 没有充分考虑排版

排版 一个主要元素是否负责使你的设计具有可读性、可访问性和可用性. So, let’s not forget typography or the text component of your design.

这里的错误很常见. Christopher Moyer,公司总经理 厄运, 他说:“很多设计——即使是强大的设计——都伴随着糟糕的排版.”


“It’s easy to fall into routines and use the same go-to fonts again and again, when there may be more suitable options for the task at hand. In 2020, mg游戏大厅也得到了前所未有的机会,以下降的华丽和负担得起或免费的字体.”

同时, 他建议,在没有事先考虑过的情况下,不要尝试每一种新字体, 表达字体不假思索地, 将冲击转换为粘性.”


  • 尝试新字体, but not without first thinking through their suitability to your design and branding
  • Make sure your typography is readable, clear, and easy to understand
  • Pick your typeface according to your audience’s tastes. 深入研究 字体心理学 为了做出更好的、更受观众欢迎的选择

6. 使用过多的平面矢量图像


市场部高级副总裁 SEMrushMaxim Roslyakov同样指出: 

“一段时间以前, 平面矢量图像开始获得巨大的人气,股票服务开始非常广泛地出售这样的图片. Still, the number of such images in picture stocks is impressive.”



尽管他们人数众多, 马克西姆指出,“它们的主要缺点是彼此非常相似. Stylistically they are all the same, drawn in one style and with the same colors. 它们既不美也不独特,在画布上使用这些图像被认为是不专业的.”

This means using flat vector icons in abundance is not only unprofessional, but it also sips any uniqueness from your design.


  • Limit your use of 平的矢量图 and use only ones you haven’t seen used widely
  • Hire a professional designer and get some templates ready for your campaigns
  • 变换平面矢量图像 使用不同的技术(例如.g. 添加颗粒效果)

7. 设计ing without taking real-world importance in account

另一个需要避免的设计错误是“信息的视觉强调(突出)与现实世界的重要性之间的不匹配”,carolyn R. 约翰逊,首席用户体验设计师 代达罗斯.

约翰逊认为设计过于杂乱. 这种混乱可能以过多的文本或各种设计元素(如形状)的形式出现. Whatever the reason, the end result fails to deliver its key message.


“Your most important piece of information should be what attracts the viewer's attention; but often designs are cluttered with less important data that are given the same visual priority, which pulls the user’s attention away from what you want them focused on.”


  • Use 空格 to guide your audience’s attention
  • Make your design less wordy and more minimalist
  • 不要使用不必要的设计元素

8. 未能为你的用户进行设计

On the surface, designing for your audience may sound simple. 但作为山姆·奥查德,创意总监 网络的边缘 notes: “This happens a lot with people new to the industry. Instead of thinking about the target audience and their preferences, they rely on their own tastes or current trends.”


“你最终会看到当地书店的宣传材料,看起来就像夜总会的传单. Whilst everyone wants their work to be right on trend, if that style doesn’t resonate with your target audience, 你没有给你的委托人任何好处.”

所以你知道你要做什么,对吧? 为你的用户设计.


  • Identify your target audience so you can make your design decisions accordingly
  • Choose fonts and colors according to your audience’s preferences
  • 不要有个人喜好

9. Failing to adapt new innovations in efficiency


的首席执行官 视觉效果的冲动凯莱布·利观察到:

“mg游戏大厅看到了突破性进展 机器学习 这使得艺术家们前所未有地将创作过程的各个阶段自动化. There are huge innovations in design software on the near horizon, which will save artists tons of time and headache.”

例如, Netflix使用增强智能技术 to localize its show banners in different languages and Nutella used AI algorithm to 生成数百万的包装设计 (下面的例子).



由于这种增长 人工智能设计, 迦勒认为, “那些投入时间学习这些新工具的人将获得竞争优势,并看到他们的生产力飞速增长。. Those who cling to old ways and procedures will be left behind. Very soon, designers will be faced with a critical choice: adapt & 进化,或者停滞不前.”


  • Keep abreast of all the prevailing developments in design-related AI
  • Keep tabs on examples you can learn from such as Nutella and Netflix
  • 通过探索如何使用它们来改进设计来接受新的变化


从表面上看,设计可能看起来很简单,但在这个过程中有很多想法. 确保你在设计时牢记目标受众,避免这些错误,从而创造出出色的设计,不仅能吸引观众,还能吸引他们的注意力. 


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