Why It's Time to Start 提供 Employees Paid Parental Leave



Think about the major milestones you’ve had in your life.

Maybe it’s receiving the funding you needed to build your company from the ground up, 购买梦想中的房子, 或者搬到一个全新的城市.

Whatever the case may be, many life achievements change everything in an instant. Another major turning point in one's life is deciding to have or bring a 孩子 into your life/family. Not only is this a big personal decision, but it’s a professional one, 太.

在许多情况下, whether or not an individual decides it’s time to have or adopt a 孩子 is dependent on their employer, 如果提供带薪育婴假, 他们愿意出多少钱. 作为美国的雇主, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to include 带薪产假 in your 薪酬和福利 包.  


带薪产假, sometimes referred to as family leave, is an employee benefit available in many states in the U.S. 它可能包括母性, 亲子鉴定, and adoption leave to specify when families can take 支付 time away from work to care for their new 孩子.

在美国,1993年 《mg游戏大厅》 is the only federal legislation that guarantees leave to take care of a newborn, 收养的孩子, or a family member ill with a serious health condition. 立法机构允许12周的 无薪父母都有工作保障的假期. 

法律上有一些规定. 它只适用于以下员工:

  • 在至少有50名员工的公司工作
  • Have worked for at least a year at the company, with a minimum of 25 hours per week before leave

因为这12周的强制休假是无薪的, it’s common that new parents cannot afford to take it. 提供 支付 parental leave is up to the discretion of an employer. 这一行为还包括照顾配偶的时间, 孩子, 或者父母有严重的健康问题, sick leave to recover from a health condition preventing them from working or to take military family leave.


of people who have access to FMLA leave don’t take it because they cannot afford to do so.

来源: U.S. 劳工部

从2020年10月1日起,还有 联邦雇员带薪休假法(FEPLA) 这使得带薪育儿假成为可能, but only to specific categories of Federal civilian employees. This includes up to 12 weeks of 带薪产假 in connection with the birth or placement (for adoption or foster care) of a 孩子 on or after October 1, 2020.


不幸的是, there is no fast and easy answer for who is eligible to take part in 带薪产假. 这在很大程度上取决于你住在哪里. In the United States, it depends on the state you live in. If it isn’t mandatorily required by law for an organization to provide its employees, it will also depend on what your company chooses to offer as part of its 薪酬和福利 program.

你知不知道? 只有9个州(加利福尼亚州, 科罗拉多州, 康涅狄格, 麻萨诸塞州, 新泽西, 纽约, 俄勒冈州, 罗德岛州, and Washington) and the District of Columbia offer 带薪产假.

Even though only these nine states and the District of Columbia offer 带薪产假, 这可能会改变. 如果乔·拜登总统提出 美国家庭计划,是 重建更美好的未来 initiative, passes and is approved by Congress, the $1.8万亿年计划, 哪个计划在10年内推出, 包括普遍的带薪家庭和医疗假. 

The website for the 美国家庭计划 states that it will “Provide comprehensive 支付 family and medical leave, allowing workers to take the time they need to care for a new 孩子, 他们自己的严重疾病, 或者一个重病的爱人.”


When an organization decides to offer its employees 带薪产假, certain regulations or stipulations should be included within the policy. 


  • If an employee has to work at the organization for a certain amount of time, 就像12个月, 才有资格参加这项政策
  • If the policy is available to both full- and part-time employees 
  • How many weeks of 带薪产假 they intend to offer employees 
  • If an employee can be granted more than one stint of 带薪产假 over the course of one calendar year.
  • If the employee will be compensated 100% of their weekly pay or a portion of the weekly pay. If a portion is decided upon, how much will be 支付 out?
  • If the 带薪产假 can be taken at one time or broken up during the course of one calendar year or 12-month period
  • How much notice should an eligible employee provide the organization that they’ll need to take part in the 带薪产假 policy

你知不知道? In 1974, Sweden became the first country to offer fathers the right to 支付 leave after 孩子birth and adoption. Fast forward to 2021, and Swedish parents are entitled to 480 days 带薪产假.

雇主利用 福利管理软件 can ensure that their 带薪产假 policy is both administered correctly and comply with government regulations. Having these 太ls makes it possible to manage this policy and the other employee benefits offered through an administrative dashboard. 


If your company is interested in creating a 带薪产假 policy, it may be helpful for your human resources department to work off an example that specifies the amount of leave available, as well as qualifying and eligibility requirements.

Full-time members who have been employed by X company for twelve (12) consecutive months can take up to ninety (90) business days of fully 带薪假期. This leave is available for a 12-month period following the birth of a 孩子, 被收养孩子的日期, or the date of a foster care placement and must be taken in no less than 2-week increments.

The purpose of our 带薪产假 is for new parents to have the time to care and bond with a newborn, 新被收养的孩子, 或者一个新安置的孩子. This plan will run concurrently with the 《mg游戏大厅》, if applicable. 

If a team member chooses to take 90 consecutive business days of leave are also eligible for an eight-week gradual return-to-work schedule at the end of the leave. 这包括:

  • 第1-4周:每周远程工作16小时
  • 第5-8周:每周远程工作32小时

Any time away from work after the 90 business days will be considered 无薪 leave. Team members partaking in the 带薪产假 policy must provide at least 30 days’ notice to their manager when they plan to begin and end their parental leave.

If you have any questions regarding the eligibility requirements, please see your manager.”

注意: This example is if a company is within a state where no mandatory rules or regulations surround 带薪产假 and they’re offering their own unique policy to their employees. 


不可否认,给新父母提供 带薪假期 to care for newborn or recently adopted 孩子ren contributes to healthy development, 改善产妇保健, 并提高家庭的经济安全. 除了, there are many benefits to an employer once a 带薪产假 policy is offered to its employees.


Being a parent is a tough job – and employers should recognize that. 从深夜到意外的看医生, it’s likely that new parents will be mentally and physically exhausted.

A 带薪产假 policy created with employees in mind can ensure they come back feeling as well-rested as possible. This allows team members to start each workday feeling as refreshed as possible, 压力小, giving them the energy they need to be productive in their role.


Another parental leave benefit to consider is that it could increase employee retention. A recent study based on 440,000 working parents by 工作的好地方 shows that employees who work for companies that offer generous 带薪产假 and other parental benefits report higher retention and engagement rates.


of working women left their jobs after giving birth.

来源: 华盛顿公平增长中心

When their employer gives an employee the support they need to care for a newborn or an adopted 孩子, they can return to work after spending multiple weeks bonding with the new member of the family. 


Employees partaking in 带薪产假 don’t have to choose between caring for a newborn or after the placement of a 孩子 and keeping their jobs. 他们可以享受他们需要的长假, 带薪, without feeling stressed about money or overworked at their job. Instead of feeling rushed to return to the workforce, both parents have peace of mind knowing their career is waiting once the leave period is over. 

Having this policy not only promotes a healthy work-life balance but providing this 工作场所的灵活性 can also improve employee mental health, making them better parents in the long run.


当公司提供带薪产假时, 这表明他们重视自己的员工, 感谢他们的辛勤工作, 意识到拥有一个家庭是多么重要. When employees feel this appreciation, the organization then sees improved morale from their team.

“Companies that offer 带薪产假 show they value employees and their families. This program provides health benefits for the mother while giving parents time to bond with their new 孩子.” 

Alyssa Kowalczyk
人力mg游戏大厅通才 控制解决方案,公司


Organizations offering 带薪产假 reap the benefit of retaining workers who have the knowledge and skill set specific to a particular role within their company. Instead of having an employee decide to leave the organization after giving birth or adopting a baby, 他们一旦离开就会回来, meaning the company doesn’t have to bear the financial burden of finding and training a new employee.


带薪产假 gives new parents the chance to develop new skills, 比如换尿布和喂奶. While these skills may not be the most applicable to their career, they’re just as important. 作为一个雇主, providing your team the chance to take advantage of 带薪产假 can genuinely make a world of difference to not only them but to their new family member, 太.

Need one more reason to offer 带薪产假? 它帮助你的组织建立一个强大的 公司文化 在现代的工作场所. 现在是时候去发现其中的奥秘了.

幸福的父母. 生产员工.

Utilize 福利管理软件 to create a comprehensive 带薪产假 policy for your employees.

幸福的父母. 生产员工.

Utilize 福利管理软件 to create a comprehensive 带薪产假 policy for your employees.



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